TempraNeo 2010: Tempranillo – an Australian Perspective

six inspired makers six diverse regions eighteen wines – ours, those of our friends, and of course, those of our amigos several decades of (accumulated!) experience two hour workshop two cities

TempraNeo 2010 workshops were held in Melbourne and Sydney on August 10th and 11th respectively.

Participants were presented with an information booklet. The wines tasted are listed on this sheet.
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Read Campbell Mattinson's review 'Strike a Blow for Aussie Tempranillo' on The Winefront.

Jane Faulkner's feature in The Age Epicure (Tuesday 31 August 2010) discussed the styles of Tempranillo emerging in Australia and commented on the growth in plantings of the variety, continuing "Judging by the quality of the wines and commitment shown at TempraNeo, all that is not about to wane". Jane's assessment of the wines tasted was "All the Australian wines represented incredible value, priced from $20 to $35. The quality overall was high". Highlights were the Tar & Roses 2008, Mayford 2009, La Linea 2009 and La Linea Norteno 2009, and Running with Bulls 2009.

Tim White wrote about the rise of Tempranillo alongside the rise of Spanish cuisine, and featured reviews of Tar & Roses and Running with Bulls (Australian Financial Review 17-19 September 2010).

James Halliday tells the story behind a Tempranillo Don Lewis (of Tar & Roses) made in Spain that won the Red Wine Trophy at the International Wine Challenge in London in 1994, and features reviews of Running with Bulls, Pondalowie, and Tar & Roses (Weekend Australian Magazine, 25-26 September 2010).

James Halliday's second instalment examines the characteristics of the variety, and features reviews of Mount Majura, La Linea and Mayford (Weekend Australian Magazine, 2-3 October 2010).

Nick Bulleid MW is a long-standing enthusiast of the variety, and writes about the tasting and interesting facets of the winemaking that it illustrated (WBM Magazine, September 2010).

Tony Love's article in the Courier Mail was entitled "Tempranillo an emerging hit on wine palates: TEMPRANILLO is the "it" wine of all the so-called emerging red varieties." (5 April 2011)

Clive Hartley discussed Tempranillo in detail under the tile 'Spanish immigrant raises its profile in a variety of styles'.

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