TempraNeo 2013: Beyond the Bottle

In our inaugural TempraNeo workshops in 2010, we offered up the first comprehensive snapshot of Tempranillo's evolution in Australia. We brought together a group of winemakers from six contrasting regions all of whom had documented success with this exciting "alternative" variety. Together with the inputs from guests and participants we collated a body of historical and technical information relating to Tempranillo and greatly enriched our collective understanding of its performance under Australian conditions.

In our second workshop series in 2011 we widened the lens to take in examples of Tempranillo from a diverse range of regions, climates and soils within Australia. We showcased excellent examples of the variety from eighteen different producers across the country to generate a vivid panorama of regional expression.

In the 2013 workshop series "Beyond the Bottle" we bring the winemaking and viticulture of Tempranillo in Australia more sharply into focus. In this session we will zoom in on the details of terroir and our various techniques in the cellar to illustrate how these bring complexity and character to the finished wines.

Attendees will taste the group's current release 2012 wines, as well as selected samples of our 2013 wines, taken as 'work in progress' samples from barrel and tank. Join us as we take you into our confidence and reveal, through these samples, what happens 'Beyond the bottle'.

Workshops for trade and mediaConsumer events
MelbourneTuesday 20th August
2:30 - 4:30 pm
7 Alfred Place, Melbourne
Tuesday 20th August
5.30 - 6.30 pm
Pei Modern
45 Collins St, Melbourne
RSVP info@peimodern.com.au
SydneyWednesday 21st August
2:30 - 4:30 pm
The Wine Society 'Vintec Tasting Room'
66 Bay St, Ultimo
NewcastleThursday 22nd August
2 - 4 pm
Now at Newcastle Club
40 Newcomen Street, Newcastle
BrisbaneTuesday 10th September
2:30 - 4:30 pm
Era Bistro
102 Melbourne St (cnr Merivale St), South Brisbane
Tuesday 10th September
7:00 pm
Wine tasting with matching tasting plates
Era Bistro
102 Melbourne St (cnr Merivale St), South Brisbane
$69 per person; RSVP 07 3255 2033.

TempraNeo 2013 Trade/Media Invitation

TempraNeo 2013 Trade/Media Invitation

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